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I wish to convert (print) my MS Word files to pdf on the fly ! I am on Ubuntu 9.10 and using Wine 1.1.40. Can someone help ? I have heard that pdf printer can be installed using Wine Cups !

Thanks !

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The package you are referring to in your question is called cups-pdf. You can find it in your package manager.

Why do you need wine? If you opena word doc in open office, you can save it as pdf directly from within writer.

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because sometimes some documents don't work exactly as they should in OOo, particularly vb macros. – supercheetah Mar 31 '10 at 4:52
That is the entire idea ..... my formatting changes drastically, when I make the documents in MS-Word and open it with Open Office ! ... and the installed Pdf printer is 'not found' by MS-Word installed by wine ! – Arkapravo Mar 31 '10 at 6:50
Thanks, Cups is working great ! ..... – Arkapravo Apr 2 '10 at 6:51

just print into a postscript file via the default wine-printdialog. then convert the "printed" postscript file into pdf via

 % ps2pdf out.pdf

(ps2pdf should be part of the 'ghostscript' package). maybe the "cups printing howto" helps, it covers the "printing to ps" as well.

you could also setup a pdf-printer in cups, so you would print from wine to a "network printer".

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I´ve managed to run an accounting software with Wine and or Winebottle on my OSX. The trick to get the accounting software to make .pdf-s was to choose a virtual printer like cutepdf in the printer menu. This I cannot do here, However, if there was a virtual printer I´d be happy.

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If you can access the host machine from within WINE, why not install CutePDF and use that? Alternatively if you have Word 2007 Microsoft have made an add-in available that converts your documents into a PDF.

If you cannot access the host system from within WINE I would create a Samba network share in Ubuntu so that you could.

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