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Having tried a number of mice that didn't help with wrist pain, I am contemplating buying a Wacom tablet or Evoluvent Vertical Mouse. I have heard great things about both of them.

What do you recommend for someone with wrist pain in both hands that seems to be getting worse by the day?

PS: I work mostly in Windows and Visual Studio environment. I currently have the MS natural ergonomic keyboard. I have started taking regular breaks and am also planning to see a doctor.

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How is hand writing with regards to your pain?

I found a watcom tablet to be very much like drawing on a sheet of paper. I've spent most of my life typing so my hand writing is terrible and my writing hand's endurance leaves a lot to be desired.

I can't write for more than 45 minutes without cramping but using the tablet for "mousing" probably would have not caused this issue.

That said, I did find the watcom tablet pretty easier to use.

But, I've never used a Evoluent Vertical Mouse but based on the screen images and their diagram, I'd strongly recommend you consult your physician on what would be less strenuous for your given condition.

I'm sure either has the potential to not do you any favors. Would you share the nature of the pain?

It's also possible that switching between the two would be best for your condition... My final thought is that it might be best to give both a try for yourself... Perhaps a store demo?

Best of luck.

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>>How is hand writing with regards to your pain? My hand writing is not very legible. But, I don't experience too much pain writing. >>Would you share the nature of the pain? When I had a painful right wrist, I became ambidextrous and switched to my left hand for using the mouse. It was good for about 6 mos. But lately, I have started experiencing pain in the left wrist as well. Since I also have lower back pain and neck pain, it makes me want to think this is either RSI/tendonities/Carpal Tunnel – Bob Smith Mar 31 '10 at 18:00

I have a tablet PC, with wacom chip in it, and my wrist does get cramped from typing/mousing too much, and my hands are always cold from about october until april So i do switch to the stylus. Its a very thin stylus, so its probably not as good as a USB tablet with a thick stylus, but I certainly helps if for nothing else than your stressing the muscles in a different way. I switch back and forth all the time.

if your getting a USB wacom, like a bamboo, try it out as it does take a little getting use to. A tablet pc is closer to a mouse but you have to move the entire laptop instead of just a pad to adjust it. Try both, and ask a doctor.

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