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In 64-bit windows (Vista/7), there's HKLM/Software/Wow6432Node where all the 32-bit registry stuff is. If I have a .reg file with some keys in it, how can I tell regedit to import it into the 32-bit registry (under Wow6432Node) rather than the 64-bit registry?

Even if I put the Wow6432 path into the registry keys in the .reg file, Windows "cleverly" ignores them and puts them in the main 64-bit registry.

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You should be able to access the 32-bit registry exclusively using the 32 bit version of regedit. Just import your .reg files using:

\Windows\syswow64\regedit.exe <REG_FILE.reg>
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If you're using reg import yourfile.reg from a 32 bit executable or a batch file, and for some crazy reason you want the keys inside yourfile.reg to NOT be redirected to Wow6432Node, simply use the following syntax:

reg import yourfile.reg /reg:64

As easy as that.

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