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enter image description here

PC 1 is the host computer and PC2 is the virtual computer.

My understanding about "host-only":

I use VMware 7, Vmnet1 is the host-only adapter for host and it's IP is I'm really confused about this, does it connect to the Vmnet 1 switch and Vmnet has DHCP also?

It provides the IP range:

alt text

Why does the virtual host adapter (Vmnet 1) have an IP which isn't in the range while it's just an adapter in the virtual network? It connects through the Vmnet switch like the guest adapter.

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Your diagram is NAT, not host-only. Host-only does not create a host gateway to the internet.

In your example the host vNIC is probably statically addressed, not DHCP.

I think the solution to do what you want is to just switch to the NAT vmnet.

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