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Is there a Firefox add-on (or other method) to find out what fragment id such as - I would like to be able to bookmark a reference to a large page (or paste into an email/ posting ).

To date I have viewed source and looked for such stuff as below - but it can be fiddly waiding through a big file.

<a name="fragment"></a>
<h2 id="fragment">


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In Firefox, using the Web Developer Toolbar add-on: use Information » Display Anchors (despite its name, and despite a dedicated Display Id & Class Details, this will in fact show ids as well).

There's a dedicated add-on, which I actually find a bit harder to use as it needs a right-click to even just see the anchor's name: Show Anchors. It renders the anchors nicely though:

The show anchors add-on in action

In Safari and Chrome: right-click, Inspect Element makes the Web Inspector jump to the element of your interest right away. (Likewise in Firefox when you have the Firebug add-on installed.)

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The problem here is that there are many different ways to write your website, and an AddIn would have to parse to code for all possibilities. Also, an anchor is a position with the document, and does not have an least not a fixed one.

But there's an AddIn called SiteSlicer which does something similar to what you requested. Also I can remember an AddIn which a similar functionality tot he WebSlices of IE, but can't find that one right now.

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I'd say an add-on would only have to look for anchors and id's...? – Arjan Apr 1 '10 at 16:03
SiteSlicer looks interesting but seems to support older versions of FF. Thanks for the suggestion though. Agree with @Arjan van Bentem that it only needs to look for anchors and ids. – justintime Apr 1 '10 at 17:19

This is built into Firefox (at least version 3.6, but I think all of 3.x). Click/drag to select the section of the page you're interested in, then right-click and choose "View Selection Source". I do this all the time for exactly the same reason as you. I find that anchor name tags tend to be around section headers, so usually just selecting from a few lines before to a few lines after will show me the anchor I'm interested in.

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