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I know this is a lame cheap web camera, thus making it all the harder for me to find information about it.

Ubuntu seems to recognise it, putting it in as /dev/video0 Skype is able to see that the web cam is there, but can not get any picture data. Flash doesn't even pick up that the web cam exists.

I feel foolish asking such a lame question... but any help will be cool beans!

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Make sure that your camera is recognized, I would suggest something like cheese (see e.g. here).

When you have made sure that it works in general, some applications will probably still have issues and will need a workaround (e.g. skype). The general idea is to force loading of an additional compatibility library, see e.g. this howto or this answer.

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Slapped some cheese on my computer and it can see the web can al-right. My god it is a poor webcam! Only got it because it cam with a headset do-hickey! Will try your suggestions for getting it to work with skype in a bit... first dinner! – thecoshman Apr 1 '10 at 16:25

Ekiga typically can see cameras when most other applications can't (including Cheese); however if the kernel can't see it, no userland application can see it.

Ekiga isn't installed by default anymore but it's a package install away.

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