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I'm building a Raid array for the first time in my system and I have a question regarding having multiple Raid-1 arrays in a single Win 7 system.

I'm a bit of an organizational freak with my data and I currently have two separate hard drives I want to mirror. The new motherboard I'm looking to buy supports Raid, so my questions are:

  1. Can I have more than one Raid-1 array in a single system?
  2. Would I have to buy a separate controller for the second array?
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what make/model of the motherboard? do you know what RAID chipset it uses? most motherboards provide fakeRAID chips (the RAID is done mostly in the driver, not on the chip). – quack quixote Apr 1 '10 at 16:40

If you have 4 sata slots and a raid chip on the motherboard, chances are that you can have 2 mirrored arrays.

Instead of having 4 drives just buy 2 larger ones and partition them once they are mirrored. That way you will save space in the case and a little bit of energy :)

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