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I have a MacBook Pro with DVI. I'd like to hook it up to my living room TV for movies and such but I want to keep it out of the way.

I already have HDMI cables run to the basement where I have a cable box.

Is there something I could you to connect the MBP video and audio to HDMI so I only need the one cable to the TV?

I'm looking for a quality picture but I don't want to spend a ton of $.

I've googled a bit, but I'm looking for some recommendations.

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To get both the audio and video into one signal will require circuitry.

I had a friend in your situation, except he had a newer MBP that has Mini DisplayPort. He ended up going with this from MonoPrice. He has excellent results with it.

I don't see the same for DVI+Audio to HDMI, however, or they are much more expensive, e.g. here.

This however looks promising for you - you would need a TOSLink miniplug adapter to get digital audio out of the MBP's 1/8 stereo jack.

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You will need some way to 'merge' the two signals into one cable, whatever the option you choose.

I think the cable from MonoPrice, if available for (mini-)DVI, would be the most elegant solution. It certainly seems the most hassle-free one.

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