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When I play m4b files on my computer, they open with iTunes. I can stop the file, but I cannot resume the file from within iTunes. In order to pick up where I left off, I have to open the file again.

How can I resume where I left off from within iTunes? Is there another program that will play m4b files and resume from where you left off?

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What do you mean by "I can stop the file"? If you open the m4b file in itunes, it should be added to your library as a regular track. When you pause it, it should resume playback from where you left off if you press play again. – Palmin Jun 19 '10 at 9:31

When you have imported a track into your iTunes library (it doesn't matter which type), choose Get Info on that track, then go to Options and check Remember playback position

This will allow you to resume playback within iTunes.

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