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a program I am using tracks down my diskdrives and offers to write a dvd image to them. I would like to be able to write this image on HD in stead of on disk, but I have no option to browse the file system.

Therefore I would like a virtual dvd disk, that is in fact a folder, but that is recognized by the app. as a real, empty dvd.

I have tried MagicDisk, but it doesn't seem to offer the ability to couple an emulated disk drive to a folder...

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So what you want is program the converts a filesystem to a virtual DVD and then a second program to convert the DVD back to a filesystem? – Michaelkay Apr 1 '10 at 20:16
basically... : yes, I'm kind of hopeless, SUPER got stuck on the native format of the program (that records television) so I figured I tried out the build in conversion (to dvd). – Peter Apr 1 '10 at 20:24
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I have successfully used Virtual CD (which now supports DVD, BluRay etc) to make a virtual CD burner. You can then convert the resulting image file into an ISO and extract the files from it if you want.

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Just saved my day, thanks! – Fernando Nov 27 '10 at 14:12

Total Mounter is free as opposed to Virtual CD that offers a 30 day trial and pay softare.

There is a "pro" and a free version without the "pro" title. You can download the free version of Total Mounter. Make sure to run the setup as Administrator.

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