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I have an ATI Mobility Radeon 4650 HD graphics card. And I have upgrated to Ubuntu 10.04

What drivers should I install for my graphics card?

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First, be sure of your graphic card by checking in Terminal.

lspci -nn | grep VGA

If the system shows you that None known., you've to use Fglrx Driver.

However, if the system supports the type of graphic system you use, for HD 4xxx / R700 based cards according to you stated, it can easily be installed using System => Administration => Hardware Drivers.

Restart xserver by logging out and back in, or typing sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart.Check status flag

glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"

Check functionality by invoking glxgears.

$ glxgears

Change overlay type to Xvideo if video upscaling looks blocky.

$ sudo aticonfig --ovt=Xv

fore more, you can take a look at Ubuntu Documentations,and this guide

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