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I'm running XCode 3.2, and when I double click on a file in Groups and Files it always opens in a new window. What I'd like is for it to appear in the main Xcode editor. I've tried changes the preferences in the Xcode preference panel without any success.

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Try a single click rather than double click. In the All In One layout (Preferences, General) the editor is a pane in the Xcode window and files will appear there when you merely select them from the list. A double click gives you the file in a separate window.

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I closed my project, set my preference to the All In One layout, and still no dice. When I single click a file it appears in the top File Detail pane, but not in the editor. – brianegge Apr 2 '10 at 21:54
I'd been tearing my hair out over this one too; then I realized I never restart xcode. That sorted it out... – cmaughan Nov 10 '10 at 9:42

If you using Xcode as a new project there should be a button on the right side of the editor toolbar that toggles between Grouped and Ungrouped. When you click that, and open a new file, it will use the same editor window instead of creating a new window for each file.

If you not using Xcode as a new project, and just the editor, trying single clicking.

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I restarted X-Code and things are working perfectly now. Aargh!

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