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I've got an LG monitor I tried attaching to my laptop for dual monitor goodness and it worked fine but when I tried attaching it back to the desktop it stuck in "Power Saving mode" and wouldn't go away. The CPU's starting up but nothing happens with the monitor. I try attaching it back to the laptop and it works fine again. I don't understand what could have happened.

For reference, the laptop I'm using is an HP laptop with nVidia GT240M video card running on an i7 processor while the desktop runs on a Dual Core processor with an nVidia 9400GT video card.

I've never had problems like these with other monitors I've attached my pc to. Anyone got any ideas?

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It's a wild guess, but maybe your graphics card came loose? That's the only idea I could have for why. The problem is your graphics card/desktop though. If the monitor works with your laptop, then your monitor is good.

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Sorry. More stupidity than anything. Plugged the cable to the internal graphics card rather than the video card. T_T

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