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When I push a number on the Skype keypad (or use the number keys on the keyboard) no tone is emitted. This happens both when dialling a number and if I push a key during a call.

This makes it impossible for me to use Skype with automated telephone systems that require you to use the keypad to enter data or choose between various options. I spoke to somebody who works in a call centre about this and they indicated that somebody had mentioned that it's possible to disable (DTMF) tones in Skype. I've looked through all the Skype options and can't find any way to enable/disable DTMF tones. If somebody knows how I can do this, or has another suggestion for fixing the problem, please let me know. I'm using version of Skype.

Thanks, Don

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There is a second keypad that you have to bring up to get the tones.

See screenshots here:

I am using Skype

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This link no longer works –  Preet Sangha Jan 22 '13 at 22:54

According to this bug report, the issue has been resolved since version 3.2. Perhaps browse the Developer Zone and see if others have found a work-around.

There is, for example, an open issue for SkypeIn, but it seems unrelated.

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