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I have a directory full of torrent files,and i have to download all of them; But the problem is i have disk limit in my remote server,and file sizes are vary(100MB~8GB) and if i add all of torrent files ,none of them would be download completely;So i need a command to list all my torrents and the size of them , to be selected and add to download list later .


So i need a command like


That output somethings like:

file1.torrent     1111MB
file2.torrent     222MB
file3.torrent     3333MB
file4.torrent     444MB
file5.torrent     5555MB
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Okay. Second go. :)

TorrentInfo python script (usually you have python installed on a linux distro):
torrentinfo *.torrent | grep size

Or just: torrentinfo *.torrent (as the page shows)

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Edited the answer, sorry for the misunderstanding. ^^" – Shiki Apr 4 '10 at 15:33

you can use du -sk *.torrent

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