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In the most recent build of Winamp, either the Jump dialog has been ruined or there's some hidden "advanced" setting that i'm missing.

The Jump dialog used to have a few options, like

"Jump to file and play"

"Jump to file without playing"

"Queue file to start playing next, after this song finishes"

But now it only shows (CANCEL) as the only button, and you can press enter on a file to start play.

What happened to the JUMP & QUEUE feature? I want to jump to a file, but QUEUE it to be played next, not play it immediately.

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IIRC, those buttons were part of an extended Jump plugin. I was more of a fan of the simple jump dialog, so I always removed the extended one, so I'm not 100% sure of the name. I think this may be it, but I can't check because I'm currently at work...

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