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For example:

nginx and php-cgi are in the defaults run level, and they are not started yet.

What's the command to start them all, instead of starting then individually?

I know there is a command, but I totally forgot it.

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You may run this command as root:

# rc

That should do the trick. ;)

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Seems that rc-config + rc-status is an answer, with some shell scripting. Running

rc-config list default

lists all the scripts in the runlevel default. On the other hand, it uses colors and can mess things up, so an alternative app, rc-status, does the trick:

rc-status -nc default

shows all services from runlevel default without colors. We'll awk from this:

rc-config start `rc-status -nc default | awk -v ORS=" " '/^ .+\[ stopped  ]$/{print $1}'`

The regular expression pattern takes care that the entry must begin with a space, and end with "[ stopped ]". When run with some stopped services, the oneliner does what you want. If there aren't any, rc-config gives a simple syntax error, nothing happens.

I know this wasn't what you wanted, a single command, but it's easily wrapped in a script if you need it often! The programs lie in packages equery and baselayout so they should exist in every Gentoo installation.

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