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I'm no expert with editing videos, and I need to rip a few segments from an FLV file, and then upload some of them to YouTube. I don't know if I need to convert FLV to AVI for YouTube to accept them.

I've taken a look at VirtualDub + the FLV plug-in but the video isn't displayed correctly. I also tried AviDemux, but I couldn't find how to extract a segment after setting the A/Start and B/End points.

Does someone know of a good solution to do this on Windows?

Thank you.

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You can try Moyea FLV Editor Lite.

Moyea FLV Editor Lite is a free FLV editor especially designed for FLV files. With this editor, you can edit YouTube, MySpace, blogTV, etc. The editor does not recode the FLV files, so it perfectly keeps the original quality. The notable thing is it enables you to edit FLV with timeline to trim FLV video length, split FLV duration, rip FLV audio and video, replace the FLV audio, add cue point and metadata, etc.

alt text

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Thanks for the link. For those having the same issue... I was given the option of downloading an MP4 version (video = avc1, audio mp4a 44KHz). I could succesfully read the output in VLC after ripping a segment with AviDemux (keeping the video as-is but converting audio to MP3 to avoid crappy sound). – OverTheRainbow Apr 5 '10 at 12:00

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