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I have a reader from ACS "ACR83" and a brand new card from the same place ACO3-32 as a development kit and I need to use both of them to login into my laptop locally

I am not a part of domain, I am using Windows xp SP3 what should I do to enable smart card login do I need third party software to do this without domain or should it be a domain environment to be able to do such a thing this is the first time dealing with smart card, so I hope some one will help me Doing this

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You have some utilities but not many which enables you to login with a smart card and without a domain. For example http://sourceforge.net/projects/eidauthenticate/. Unfortunately this project works only on vista & later.

Else you should configure a domain, ask for a certificate & save it to your smart card.

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A version of EIDAuthenticate for Windows XP is in the works. You might want to contact the developer and see if you can get a beta copy.

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