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how to uninstall software in linux. I am facing issues installing No machine setup(NX)

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rpm -e <package> or yum remove <package> if it was installed via a package. Otherwise make uninstall or judicious use of rm.

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If I want to uninstall a program quickly and I only know part of the name I find the following commands always nice.

Lets say I want to remove only tomcat from my system, I use:

rpm -qa | grep "tomcat" | xargs rpm -e

If I want to remove tomcat and all its dependencies I use:

rpm -qa | grep "tomcat" | xargs yum erase -y

There are all kinds of variations on these commands, and they can be quite powerful.

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Better do "yum erase /usr/bin/tomcat" in such a case. – vonbrand Jan 18 '13 at 17:31

checkout yum --help or man yum

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yum remove <package> As for any details on which packages are installed, you could use yum list. That should show all packages.

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