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Can we just put all the processes in one group and kill that group?

Is there any other way to do this?

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Passing kill a negative PID other than -1 will send the signal to the PGID with the same absolute value.

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If you are using the command, as opposed to the C function/system call, then use -- to ensure that the negative number is not interpreted as a command option. e.g. kill -- -123. – mark4o Apr 5 '10 at 17:14

If the processes are not in the same process group, you can't use a negative PID, but you can list more than one PID on the command line:

kill 1001 1010 1234 2109

Or if the processes have the same or similar names you can use a regular expression:

pkill some_prog[a-d]
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I think you are looking for pkill -P [parent id], but that parent process has to spawn the children.

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