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I just got a new Vaio laptop. It is great.

However, the ambient light sensor dims the screen brightness and prevents me from changing it.

Is there a way to disable the ambient light sensor and go back to manual screen brightness?

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Look under the Vaio Control Center » Display » Automatic Brightness Settings and uncheck the "Adjust brightness automatically" option.

If that doesn't work, go to the graphics properties control center: Right click on the Desktop home screen and select "Graphics Properties" > select the "Power" tab > select "On Battery" > and under "Display Power Saving Technology" click OFF


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In case the solutions from the main answer are not available (formatting the drive and reinstallation of the system, etc.):

Run services.msc - and there is an option called "Adaptive brightness". You may want to disable that.

*It may also be called "Sensor Monitoring Service"

enter image description here

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