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I have Outlook syncing with my cell phone (WinMo 6.1) and vice versa. Everything works fine, but my numbers are all in different formats. I have some contacts with numbers of 5555551234, some are 555.555.1234, some are (555) 555-1234, some are 555-555-1234, etc. I don't really care how it's displayed, because they all dial fine on my phone. But I want to clean them up so they all look the same. Any easy ways to do this?

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Maybe this is helpful. It´s a Freeware Tool called FormatNumbers. It´s especially made for your Problem.

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That looks like what I need, but the problem isn't worth 19.90 € to me... – Nathan DeWitt Apr 6 '10 at 12:45

Can you get the numbers out of it in some readable format, change them and then parse again? I think Outlook uses CSV for export/sync (at least for events, not so sure about contacts), you could read that into excel and use some simple string manipulation formulas, then import the result back.

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