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I can enable a Local Area Network interface for my machine with the command

netsh interface set interface "Local Area Connection" ENABLED

Is there an equivalent command to connect a bluetooth network connection?

I've tried

netsh interface set interface "Bluetooth" ENABLED

but it seems to have no effect, the connection remains disconnected.

I also tried

netsh interface set interface "Bluetooth" connect=CONNECTED

but this returns

One or more essential parameters not specified

I know this Bluetooth connection is otherwise ok since I am able to connect using Control Panel > Network Connections, right-clicking on Bluetooth > Connect.

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If the command

netsh interface show interface

does not show your interface, then you can't control it that way.

Just a guess, but it looks like you are trying to establish a Dial-Up network connection over Bluetooth.

This works for me:

C:\Users\me>rasdial "USSC Bluetooth Dial-up Connection"
Connecting to USSC Bluetooth Dial-up Connection...
Verifying username and password...
Registering your computer on the network...
Successfully connected to USSC Bluetooth Dial-up Connection.
Command completed successfully.

C:\Users\me>rasdial "USSC Bluetooth Dial-up Connection" /DISCONNECT
Command completed successfully.
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Nice guess. 123 – Ed Guiness Apr 12 '10 at 11:15

If someone like me, was looking for PAN (Personal Area Network) via Bluetooth auto-connect, there is no native way that I have found. However, there exists (3) 3rd party solutions.

free. mixed results, some commands did not work with my adapter: Bluetooth Command Line Tools

Potentially free (depending on hardware). Comes with 30 day trial, works well: Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

non-free. Have not tried, but heard positive things: BlueSoleil

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