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Is there a way to easily categorize an outgoing mail in outlook 2007? I can go to options tab and then click "further options" (translated) an then choose the category in the message options dialog. But is there a single click way to to that?

I write a lot of mails and I want to categorize outgoing mails fast.

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You can take a look at this site that the steps are way more simple. This one might give you the answer you are looking for:

Also, you can add a small function to your Outlook VBA project that displays the dialog. You might call it with alt+f8, or customize the toolbar.


Since Outlook 2007 you can't directly display the categorizer for outgoing e-mails.

This small example demonstrates how to display the dialog for the active e-mail.

 Public Sub ShowCategoriesDialog()

     Dim Mail As Object

     Set Mail = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem


 End Sub
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