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How would one go about creating a heat map (say, of the US) based on location data from Google Analytics? I'd like to somehow create such a map with the visitor data from several websites that use Google Analytics. I'm not really looking for a step-by-step tutorial, just some suggestions on how to start. Assume little to no programming experience, but a willingness to learn and hack together stuff to make it work.

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The Google Charts API for interactive charts includes a mapping function. It may do what you're looking for.

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Why recreate the wheel?

Simply go to the site, then click Map Overlay and you should be able to click on a country and see a heatmap - You can copy and paste that. For example

alt text

If you need to actually generate your own from a whole set of data, I am not aware of any good tools to let you do it.

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That would work great, except that I need to combine data from multiple websites. – tnorthcutt Apr 9 '10 at 14:37

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