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I have two Bazaar (bzr) repositories that have very similar content. I'm trying to identify the differences and incrementally synchronize. My current strategy is to bzr add files to both repos and then use bzr merge to identify and resolve conflicts. The problem is that even if the file contents are identical it creates a conflict and a .moved file.

What can I do to stop these conflicts or use a better workflow?

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The way I ended up doing this was to copy the .bzr directory from one of the versioned repos to the other and then use bzr commit to identify/resolve the conflicts, then finish with a bzr merge between the two.

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I have managed to reproduce your problem with a script:

cd /tmp
mkdir repo1
cd repo1
bzr init
echo "foo" > file1
bzr add file1
bzr commit -m "added file1"
cd ..
bzr branch repo1 repo2
cd repo1
echo "bar" > file2
bzr add file2
bzr commit -m "added file2"
cd ../repo2
echo "bar" > file2
bzr add file2
bzr commit -m "added file2"
bzr merge -v ../repo1

IMHO this workflow is flawed.

General rule: it is better to sync before trying to make any changes in your local repo.

So right after cd ../repo2 it is adviced to do a bzr pull from repo1 to sync.

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Same thing happens with a pull – Kristopher Ives May 26 '10 at 17:21

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