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We live in a place where we have a slow internet connection and get charged per MB. We have unlimited access to email though. Is there an easy way for somebody to send us the contents of a web page (news article) they are on other than copying and pasting the text.

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They could use FireFox Send Page By Email addon...

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This seems to be a good solution. Thanks! – Paul Apr 15 '10 at 6:31

Safari has menu a menu command for sending the contents of the page via email. At least it does on the Mac. You could see if Safari for Windows has the same thing.

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amusingly enough, uucp was designed to do just that (and some still use it that way). I suppose you could use httrack to spider a certain depth down, alternately. Of course, this is assuming your 'free' e mail will let you accept reasonably sized attachments

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I like archiving pages to .PDF format, even though I usually don't mail them.

Chrome has a Print to PDF option that can convert most webpages into PDF format. Also, PDFCreator allows you to have a "PDF printer" that can be used by any application.

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