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do you know how to install the Miktex Distribution in (K)Ubuntu 9.10 x86-64?

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Why? You have very current texlive packages in Debian and Ubuntu. See below for the first 10 of 91 total packages available to you.

edd@joe:~$ cat /etc/motd.tail

To access official Ubuntu documentation, please visit:
edd@joe:~$ apt-cache search texlive- | grep -c "^texlive"
edd@joe:~$ apt-cache search texlive- | grep  "^texlive" | head
texlive-base - TeX Live: Essential programs and files
texlive-base-bin - TeX Live: Essential binaries
texlive-base-bin-doc - TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-base-bin
texlive-bibtex-extra - TeX Live: Extra BibTeX styles
texlive-common - TeX Live: Base component
texlive-doc-base - TeX Live: Base documentation
texlive-doc-bg - TeX Live: Bulgarian documentation
texlive-doc-cs+sk - TeX Live: Czechslovak documentation
texlive-doc-de - TeX Live: German documentation
texlive-doc-el - TeX Live: Greek documentation
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MikTex is for Windows. I suggest using TexLive, it's now the most active LaTeX distribution on Unix apparently.

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If you really must have MiKTeX and not texlive, you should be able to install it through wine. Failing that, it will certainly install inside a virtualbox image.

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