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Telligent Community combines blogs, wikis, forums, and file-sharing capabilities into a single product with single sign-on, using all Microsoft technologies. Is there an equivalent offering that runs on Unix/Linux? Or would I have to pick and choose individual product offerings and figure out another option for single sign-on across them? Are there plug-ins for something like WordPress or MovableType that might add the necessary functionality?

A friend of mine is looking to add a "members-only" area to her company's website, and since they're hosted on Dreamhost (and can't afford StackExchange pricing yet), I'm trying to find other options for them.

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I would guess that Drupal has everything you need available.

Other than that, the only thing that springs to mind is trawling through the Wikipedia list of content management systems and seeing if any take your fancy.

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Another possibility worth exploring is redmine.

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