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How can I open an .mht file in linux (Ubuntu)?

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.mht stands for MHTML (MIME HTML). Internet Explorer uses this to save a web page and dependent files into one file.

To open these in Ubuntu, you need a special program. The Wikipedia entry lists a few:

Mozilla Firefox needs UnMHT or Mozilla Archive Format extensions to open and write MHT files. These add-ons work with Firefox 1.0 and later. Since version 5.0.0, UnMHT offers partial support for MHT files exported from Microsoft Office applications. Mozilla Archive Format, as well as opening and saving .mht files, also can save to its own "MAFF" format. The MHT files it generates are not fully compatible with Microsoft's products.[3]

Currently Firefox doesn't include support for saving or opening web pages as MHTML files without either of these add-ons, as of version 3.5.2. There is, however, source code available for viewing MHTML files within the related Thunderbird project, so in the future it may become available without such add-ons. This is filed as an unsolved issue within the Firefox project since 1999 (see bug 18764) though progress in fixing it seems to have stalled.

UnMHT is available here.

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Direct link to addon: . – joshas Oct 2 '14 at 18:31
UnMHT seemed not to work to open MHT file generated by PSR.exe on a windows 7 rig (No Images, lots of inline XML shown) :( – ThorSummoner Mar 17 at 21:11

Simply install Opera and it handles it without requring any plugin. But of course, Opera is not really fashionable these days.

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I had to save each image manually, but they did appear to be full resolution. Saving the page as a web archive seemed to just not work, but viewing the mht worked just fine. – ThorSummoner Mar 17 at 21:28

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