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I create figure and set border width to 1px.

My image actual size is 100px. But with border this is 102px. How to set inner border instead of outer border? In Protoshop I can select type of border - inner, outer or center. But in Inkscape I have not found this option.

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Even though Inkscape doesn't support changing the type of stroke, you can still get the end result you're looking for. There may be more than one way, but what I do is:

  1. create the shape
  2. select the shape (F1)
  3. copy the shape (Ctrl + C)
  4. paste the shape in place (Ctrl + Alt + V)
  5. change the stroke width to 2x the inner border you want (e.g. 2px if you want a 1px inner border)
  6. select no fill for the pasted shape
  7. now select the original shape
  8. paste the shape in place again (Ctrl + Alt + V)
  9. select the pasted shape and the stroke shape (holding Shift down)
  10. set clip (select menu Object > Clip > Set)

This will clip the border shape, omitting the extra (outer) part of the stroke.

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How do I select pasted and stroke shape? Nothing happens with Shift. – Dima Jul 12 '15 at 9:33

Not sure if by "border" you mean "stroke" but it appears SVG standards don't allow for inner/outer strokes, and thus neither does Inkscape. It seems a common thing to do is fake it by duplicating the object and shrinking/growing it so you get the border you want. Though I don't imagine this would work as well for an inner border as an outer border.

Inkscape bug: Inner/outer/center stroke placement

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More info here:… – Gabriel Grant Dec 5 '14 at 4:49

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