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My Windows 7 ate itself, corrupted a few files, now refuses to boot. On the same drive were other directories of various assorted non-Microsoft applications I like to use. After the crash, I have been mounting those from outside (as F:[whatever]).

If I go ahead and reinstall Windows 7 on that drive and use the drive again as my primary, will those other directories be visible to it from inside? Meaning if I boot up my new installation of Windows from within that drive, will I be able to see those other old directories via Windows Explorer on the C drive (where any haven't been run over by the reinstalled OS)?

Thanks for any help.

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Sure, as long as you don't format the drive as part of the Windows 7 installation. Just pay close attention to the initial install questions...

Before you start, though, it might make sense to copy them from their current location (F:?) to another drive or even the current boot drive to mitigate your risk of losing them via an inadvertent format during the install.

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