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Possible Duplicate:
What are my options for a multi-Terabyte home NAS?

I have a dream last night.. All my files approachable from any computer in my house!! And a guy say to me with a bored voice.. Buy a NAS my friend.. So ok! what is the best for you? I would like a NAS with web server to make a home page and file server.. Thanks a lot for response

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If you've got some old hardware around you could set yourself up a FreeNAS box that works really well. You get a web interface and lots of other good features.

An alternative if you've got a bit of cash to spend would be a Drobo which is a really awesome and easily expandable bit of kit.

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Nethgear makes a very accessable NAS solution for home users. You should give this a shot. Here is the link

Now if we are talking the best.... Dream Big! Dream NetApp!

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Windows Home Server might be what you need if you've got an old PC lying around. I just recently started playing with the webserver (IIS) on it along with the built in file sharing and it works well. My machine is running headless and I just RDP into it. It's pretty much Windows 2003 Server with different limits. If you've got a dominantly Windows network, it would be a good choice. Plus, drive expansion is only limited to your case size.

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If you are looking to do extremely low dollar NAS you can also take a look a Lacie NAS drives. These are cheap and they work well enough to get most things done in a home environment.

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