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WinZip bombed on us while trying to zip a large dataset, and 7zip doesn't have the Encryption feature. Is there a better tool out there?

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Are you sure you are using an up to date version of 7zip? The version I have supports AES-256 encryption.... I right click a file, select "Add to archive..." and one of the options is Encryption.

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7Zip has better encryption than a standard zip. AES-256 is much better than the standard zip encryption. 7z files are not compatible with winzip or other programs, but you can use the SFX option to create a self extracting zip. Also it also has great scripting capabilities: codeblog.theg2.net/2010/02/… –  Greg Bray Apr 8 '10 at 19:20

Use 7zip to compress the data, and use a program like pgp/gpg to do the encryption of the compressed data.

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RAR is the answer.

  • Support for archive files larger than 9 GB.
  • Support for Unicode names.
  • Encryption of both file data and file headers.
  • Split archive support
  • Comparable compression to 7z and .zip formats.
  • Error recovery
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Try IZArc. It free and supports encrypting files using Rijandael - AES (256-bits).

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