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What are the opensource options available for creating professional looking e-books?

Are there a set of techniques/best-practices for this?

Please give inputs or direct me to precise sites that address this ...

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You are probably wanting it in the EPUB format (the official standard), so Sigil would be a good open source editor.

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LaTeX: Worry less about formatting and more about content.

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This site has some great info on doing that for ebook readers

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There are fantastic open source softwares for creating any kind of ebook. Depending up on the type of content you are working with, you could use a combination of them.

Scribus - DTP software, (used for creating Ubuntu's Full Circle magazine) Inkscape and Gimp can be used to create/design stuff. LaTeX produces stunning pdf files. The list is endless.

Now, one could write in a plain text file with some markdown, and convert it to any format (latex, latex->pdf, epub, html pages, slideshows..) using Pandoc or Calibre. This is probably the easiest way.

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here is a PDF guide on how to make ePubs. I found it very useful.

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