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I live in Israel and I bought Windows 7 Professional in Hebrew. I'd like to switch the language to English.

In Control Panel -> Region and Language I don't have any options to switch the display language to English because only Hebrew is installed. In Windows Update, there are no language updates. I have waited three days, and still no language update.

Any Ideas?

Thank you.

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The software is called "Vistalizator" legal and free to install and works perfectly I used it myself to change brother's laptop to Spanish, like a charm, good luck.

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According to this, only Ultimate and Enterprise editions can download the language packs.

The link below has instructions on working around this limitation. It's fairly involved and requires some registry tampering. Not sure if you want to do that.

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Hmm thanks, can I download the English language pack for free? – Alon Gubkin Apr 10 '10 at 0:43
Generally no, MS requires that you have a license for Ultimate/Enterprise. You can upgrade your existing Windows 7 installation using Anytime Upgrade (cost is about the difference plus a small amount) if this is important to you. – Kevin Brock Apr 10 '10 at 19:33

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