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I have a networked drive (Iomega Media Drive). To be safe in case the drives crashes, I've decided to buy an additional networked drive (WD MyBook World). Now, how do I backup one onto the other continuously?

The WD drive came with a backup software (trial version, they didn't say that when i bought it), however it doesn't allow me to select a networked drive, only local drives.



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This question type has been asked alot. Try searching for rsync on SU, or check out – DaveParillo Apr 9 '10 at 4:06

There are many options.

You could buy a commercial product such as one by Acronis. This will probably be the simplest as the expense of a few dollars. Just create a scheduled backup task that backs up one drive onto the other drive. You could use drive images or just clone one drive to the other.

You could find a free backup program and try that. I have no experience with these so I can't recommend one, but here is a simple list of free backup programs to get you started.

Or, you can write your own and run it as a scheduled task. Assuming you're using Windows, you could write a batch file as simple as:

xcopy X:\ Y:\ /e /i /y


robocopy X:\ Y:\ /COPYALL /MIR

which will copy everything from the X: drive onto the Y: drive (assuming you have the drives mapped as X: and Y:, of course). I'd recommend the robocopy option (you'll need to install it using the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools if you're not on Vista or later) since it has more options available to you if you want to customize how it works, and it behaves better copying over the network.

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