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In Windows XP, I have a folder of install files- an .exe pointing to 3 files. As the install progresses, it hangs on as it installs tutorial_page.chm (a Help file). I have 3 options when it hangs: Abort, Retry and Ignore. Both Abort and Ignore rollback the install and exit. But if I keep pressing Retry the install will progress & this action has successfully installed the program (eventually) for me.


From the installed program can I grab the help.chm file and replace it into for a successful install?

I am aware of the Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit and How To Manually Modify and Rebuild CAB Files but 1.)want to ask if this is even possible & 2.)don't know how to make a .DDF file for Makecab.exe

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You could use something like CA Explorer. You may want to investigate WinRAR and 7zip, I believe they are capable of opening CAB files, including the special Microsoft ones.

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Thank you! I thought this would do the trick when I first read the description...but I cannot figure out how to compress a folder back into a CAB. My intention was to extract the corrupt CAB, replace the file that I suspect is causing the install to hang and then repackage - I don't think I can repackage a folder of files with this utility. – oeon Apr 9 '10 at 15:35
Regarding making a DDF file, see "Using MakeCAB" If you can find the initial parameters, you could probably make a DDF. – Apr 9 '10 at 21:29

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