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I wanna know they made their logo .. i think... that's jQuery but i want to play fade effect like that in Css and html . with Opacity =D. So.. if anyone know... tell me how to ? Thanks

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superuser is for computer hardware and software related questions only. Programming questions should go to stackoverflow, website design questions should be asked on doctype. – Josh K Apr 9 '10 at 12:22

Have you tried looking at the sides sourcecode? I just did, with Firefox and found this in the first line:

jQuery(window).bind("load", function() {
            // jQuery("div#slider2").codaSlider()
            // etc, etc. Beware of cross-linking difficulties if using multiple sliders on one page.

Well, I don´t really know anything about coding webpages (except for basic html :-D) but I hope this helps. The code is commented as far as i saw.

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They have a graphic as a background image to a span that is positioned over it. They then animate the opacity of that element.

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