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Im using remoted desktop to access a Win7 machine. when I ctrl+shift click an icon or right click to run it as administrator nothing happens. I see that a new instance of consent.exe is added to the processes in windows task manager but nothing is rendered to approve the execution.

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I used to have this problem all the time when remoting into a Vista box and would have to slowly Alt-Tab through all the running applications to get the UAC dialog to finally popup. I haven't had that problem yet with 7 thankfully. I can only figure there's something that's causing it to start in a "minimized" state of some sort.

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It's not about it being minimised, per se, but losing focus because of the remoting session. I've given you a +1 for this answer though, because it's how I do it. – user3463 Apr 9 '10 at 18:42

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