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There is something going on with my Windows 7 machine where attempting to unlock the workstation the Win key is "stuck" on (not quite sure what is causing this).

What this causes is that when I am entering my password, which contains a "p", Windows thinks I am pressing Win + p as if I want to change my display settings to enable a projector. This is highly annoying when attempting to unlock my workstation!

The workaround I've found to "unstick" the Win key is to cycle through the projector/display settings once, land back on the original value, and then resume entering my password as normal.

But is there any way to completely disable the shortcut for Win + p ? In all likelihood I will never hook up a projector to this machine, or on the once-in-a-lifetime chance that I do, I am more than happy with having to go into the Display Settings myself.

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One more variant is described at WindowsSecrets.COM, and includes a registry patch:

  • Setting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\NoWinKeys to 1 disables all Win+x key combinations at once (which is not what the OP wants, but I just mention it for completeness)
  • Navigating to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\, create/edit DisabledHotkeys as "Expandable String Value", and add the keys you do not want to be triggered along with the "Win" key (e.g. adding 12P would disable Win+1, Win+2, and Win+P)

According to the post, those changes would require a restart (a logoff/logon should be enough for HKEY_CURRENT_USER changes) for the registry to be re-read.

Side-note: I'm not sure whether other apps could re-use hotkeys disabled this way, so take into consideration that this might not be the case.

Other questions here you might wish to lookup:

Update: Just found a post at MSFN explaining how to re-assign those hotkeys to other applications. They used AutoHotkey to accomplish that. This app can be used to disable or re-assign hotkeys, and thus probably gives the most flexible solution. If I understood correctly, you could disable the P key by simply putting #p::return into its config.

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Have you enabled "Sticky Keys" by accident and you've got the Win key in it's "on" state?

If you press the Win key before entering your password does the problem occur?

Here's a page that tells you how to turn them off.

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You can try to disable the Windows Key shortcuts (doesn't disable the Windows Key completely, only the Windows Key + key keyboard shortcuts)

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I'm curious if there is anyway to just disable an individual shortcut – matt b Apr 9 '10 at 17:22
From what I have seen, no, you can only either disable all Win-key shortcuts or disable them all. That was a very irritating aspect of XP and Microsoft does not seem to have learned at all since then. :| It is (mostly) possible to just disable them all and reproduce certain ones manually. For example, I have managed to use a hotkey program to (re)map Win+D to show the desktop and Win+R to show the Run dialog, but how the heck to you recreate Win+Tab for cycling windows? (Hopefully that last one is not affected by "NoWinKeys".) – Synetech Jan 6 '11 at 18:02
@Synetech (:-)), nope Win+Tab is disabled with NoWinKeys, however Win+P is not. :-| – Synetech Mar 20 '11 at 1:17

Try HotKeyz from Skynergy. You can download it from a variety of freeware download mirrors, such as:

It's free and a fantastic, easy to use tool for remapping/customizing windows hotkeyz. I don't think the developer updates it anymore, as ver 2.8.3 is the latest and dated 2010.

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I faced similar situation with the right-arrow key. Hence, I have to disable that. And also I reassigned the Right_Control key for that.

I have done that through a small freeware named SharpKeys from I am also attaching my snapshot.

I had to map:

  1. the Right_Arrow_key to Disabled(Null)
  2. then the Right_Control_key to Right_Arrow_key

you only need to do the First for your WIN key.

enter image description here

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