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I'm having all kinds of timeout problem with the web-based client for Outlook Online (, and I'd like to use something like Live Mail to connect instead.

So, can I use Live Mail to do that? If so, how do I configure it?

If I can't use Live Mail, are there any desktop clients that can connect (I'd like to retain access to the calendar, etc)?

UPDATE: I installed a "Sign In" program I just found at, and now I can switch between two Exchange servers (I'm a consultant, so there's the client's server and my company's server) with Outlook, but I can't have both open at the same time (which would be preferable).

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Using strictly Microsoft software, you can never be synced with Exchange twice in the same profile. – James Watt Apr 21 '10 at 1:50
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but I can't have both open at the same time (which would be preferable).

You may want to look at ExtraOutlook.

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EXCELLENT! This is EXACTLY what I need. You are awesome. – Matthew Groves Apr 23 '10 at 12:55

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