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When I right-click on a file, then select Send To | Documents, the file is copied into my Documents folder, not moved. Is there any way to change this behavior in Windows 7.

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Post at howtogeek offering a "Move to" and a "Copy to" option in the context menu.

alt text

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You could just push the Shift key when selecting your SendTo option.

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Good question. I think by default it copies the file. One way that I over come wanting to "move" rather than "copy" files is to use the cut option or a program such as Total Commander. You can actually "move" files very easily. I just keep it open all the time so it's ready when I need it.

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You can create a bat file with this:

Set MoveTo="C:\"

for %%f in (%*) do @move %%f %MoveTo%

Put a shortcut of this bat file in your send to directory and now you can right click a file and choose send to --> "your shortcut". The file will be moved to the MoveTo location.

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