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How do I flip a video stream, making it effectively appear to run backwards?

For example, I've got a 6 second video stream. I cut it at 2, 4, 6, so I've got now 3 seperate streams with 2 seconds each.

  • 1-2 ; 3-4; 5-6 -> That's how it'll be displayed normally.

Now what I want to do in Sony Vegas is to copy/paste and flip a selected stream. Let say:

  • 1-2; 3-4; 3'-4'; 5-6 -> The second 3-4 is copy/pasted; now I've got a video stream with 8 seconds.

Now I want to flip this copy pasted making it effectively run backwards.

  • 1-2; 3-4; 4'-3'; 5-6.

The idea is I want something like a movie, it goes, and goes and goes, then a text appears "WAIT! What just happend?", then the movie goes back to second 3.

  • 1-2-3-4-'WAIT! What just happened?'-4-3-4-5-6.

I hope you get what I want to do in Sony Vegas.

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On the timeline, right-click on the 4'-3' clip that you want to reverse and select "Reverse" from the context menu.

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o boy, I must've been pretty blind. That's embarasing! Thanks! – Grumpy ol' bear Apr 10 '10 at 7:34
To be fair, I think it's in a counter-intuitive place. You kind of expect it to be a video effect that's dropped on the clip... – Joe Internet Apr 11 '10 at 0:34

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