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I am in some directory on my linux hosting. I want to move all files from relative subdir1 to dir2, dir2 being under root dir. So I type

mv ./subdir1/*.* ~/dir2/

but it doesn't work it says it

cannot stat './subdir1/*.*'
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Try just ./subdir1/* and see if that works. Running -v with the mv might help for debugging.

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There probably aren't any files that match . in this directory. – kbyrd Apr 11 '10 at 1:58

If, as you say, you want to move all files, then the pattern *.* is not correct because you are asking for all files that have an extension (try executing ls *.*).

The correct command would be:

mv ./subdir1/* ~/dir2/

If this does not work, then probably the administrator disabled the shell "pathname expansion" mechanism using the -f switch (see man sh).

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subdir1 either is empty, or a broken symlink or doesn't exist or there are no files in it with dots in their names.

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