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I have a computer where somebody seems to have deleted the uninstall meta data from Microsoft project and other apps.

I really need to clean up all the crap in the registry and basically do the best uninstall possbile.

What's a good tool to scan for cruft that can be uninstalled?

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Try Revo Uninstaller.

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+1, Used to run CCleaner for this too, But Revo is much better. CCleaner has its own uses in other ways. – nik Jul 26 '09 at 5:27

Microsoft provides an Installer Clean Up utility that may be all you need. A popular third-party tool is CCleaner - a tool that also lets you set your start-up programs.

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I have had good results with registry mechanic. It analyzes the registry and looks for a plethora of common problems like this.

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