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I recently tried to fix up my mother's computer which has some serious malwares.

One of them apparently registered itself as system driver (tjbijkoq.sys if that can help) and after running a malware suppression tool, the computer won't boot anymore, complaining about a "critical driver that is missing".

I think deleting the matching entry in the registry would just solve the problem, but obviously I can't boot up the computer (even in safe mode) to fix it.

Do you guys have any experience with such an issue and how to solve this ?

Thank you very much.

The operating system is Windows Vista 32 bits Professional

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I'd probably suggest a reinstall, or if you don't want to nuke it from orbit- , a repair install. You will need a working vista cd to do the latter, and either a OEM restore disk, or vista cd for the former.

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And don't forget to unplug it from any kind of network until you could install a firewall and the most important security fixes! – Aaron Digulla Apr 11 '10 at 15:15

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