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Is there a way to install rsync on Windows XP without having to use cygwin?

I don't want to install cygwin because it takes lot of space.

Moreover, I need to make it communicate with a rsync daemon on Linux, therefore alternatives to rsync on Windows won't help.

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Give RsyncWin32 a shot.

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I guess there is a native rsync for windows. I hope it works well. – Marnix A. van Ammers Apr 12 '10 at 3:40

You don't need the whole cygwin default installation.

You can install cwrsync (see ). Cwrsync uses just the minimal set of cygwin files needed to support rsync.

I don't know of a native rsync for windows that doesn't use at least some cygwin files.

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DeltaCopy does a similar thing to cwrsync but is particularly focused on windows, and comes with a GUI. It basically packages the cygwin port of rsync together with an ultra-minimal cygwin install. It then wraps a semi-decent windows GUI around it.

Note that I've had some pretty unpleasant troubles with rsync over ssh under windows, so YMMV. Unfortunately there is nothing better for incremental backups. A native version would be nice - there have been many attempts but all have been abandoned, including the above RSyncWin32.

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