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When I used Windows XP last year, I had a program called Taskix which let me move the tabs in the taskbar around for programs in any order I wanted. Now that I have Windows 7, a similar function comes built into the operating system - however, it isn't as flexible as Taskix was in XP.

Theoretical situation:
1. Open a folder named #1
2. In folder #1, open an instance of a program
3. Open a folder named #2
4. In folder #2, open an instance of the same program that was opened in step 2.

After doing this, I will have (in order, on the taskbar) 2 folders open and 2 instances of the programs open.

My question really is: Is there any way to fight this automatic ordering of tabs on the taskbar? A registry hack or something would be best, but if there's a third party program out there, that would be nice to know about.


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That and much more:

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Thanks, just what I was looking for! –  SalamiArmi Apr 13 '10 at 6:07

Can someone post a link to a cached or alternative version of this page? The website appears to have since died.

EDIT: Ok, after some digging through Google results, I found a mirror here:

EDIT: The page is up again!!! (Feb.2013)

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For those missing the link, the original download page can be found here: –  SalamiArmi Jun 28 '10 at 15:53

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